“Popular Online Discussions” Search Engine

As I stepped into my car to start driving home after a long psychology class that ended at around 10pm, I had a thought…

The internet today is larger than it has ever been before (wow, that was totally unexpected!) This is great, but this means it can get pretty hard to find that niche of people who are currently talking about whether playing with “Squirtle in Pokemon Red” is the best option (it is) or who are currently reminiscing about “Dunkaroos”.

To solve this problem, I think there should be some sort of “popular online discussion” search engine (which we’ll call Babble). Just like Google, to use it, you’d type in what you’re looking for, “X”, and hit search. What’s different is that instead of looking for websites in general, it would only look for dicussion boards, forums and chatrooms where the main topic is currently what you’re looking to discuss. You’d basically be asking Babble to “find the place online where the most people are currently talking about ‘X’.”

That last bit, “currently talking about” is crucial, however–you don’t want to find a forum that’s been dead for months, no matter how close it is to the topic you want to discuss. The problem is it’s very likely that the technology doesn’t exist yet for what Babble needs to do–daily, hourly, or more preferably minute-by-minute webpage crawling for the ENTIRE internet so that it can keep up-to-date on what is currently being discussed. Is that even feasible? IIRC, it takes within about a month to index a page on Google, or at the fastest about a week, neither of which are even close to what is needed for a popular discussions search engine. And don’t forget this needs to update all websites extremely frequently, not just once.
Unfortunately, It just doesn’t seem possible yet without at the very least a LOT of money and time spent putting into it.

After a small bit of searching, I was able to find a message board that had started up a conversation about Dunkaroos. Awesome!
Of course, as with most already-indexed forum pages, the discussion ended months ago. If “Babble” had existed months ago, I might have been able to put my two cents in!
Which, of course, would be in response to:

ThePoo: they are still made…you can order them by the truck load on amazon

Which, of course, would have deemed the obligatory response:

Me: WHAT? *ordering now* holy crap yes! THANK YOU!

Oh well. I guess for now, as opposed to some awesome dunkaroo-age (in about 2-3 business days), Babble will just have to stay a thought.



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One Response to ““Popular Online Discussions” Search Engine”

  1. Dwayne Charrington Says:

    Hmm. From memory there are some smaller lesser known search engines that specialise in only searching forums, blogs, and chat rooms.

    Nothing comes to mind because I don’t usually use such services, I’m fairly sure the one you describe is around somewhere.

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