Roadway-Wide Web

As I’m sitting here on the concrete, laptop on lap, waiting for my brother to pick me up after my philosophy class, I had a thought…

Everyone knows how boring it can get driving alone along the interstate. Even if there’s a hundred cars around you, there’s no way you can communicate with them, and the only way to have any enjoyment is to turn on your radio or plug in your ipod.
I had a different idea. What if, while you’re driving along any stretch of road, you could be instantly connected to the cars around you? They’re people, too, not just hunks of metal!
Some things you could do with this sytem:
-lively chats
-warn people about dangerous drivers
-alert problems along the road
-spam peop[MUTED]

I know there are other theoretical similar systems to automate the driving process, but I haven’t heard one yet that links the drivers together.

Hmm…this seems like it could be expanded to different areas of life…more in tomorrow’s post.

And yes, this post is short. A lot of it went into the picture, so be sure to click on it! (original picture source. Thanks,!)



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One Response to “Roadway-Wide Web”

  1. Dwayne Charrington Says:

    Maybe this will be Web 4.0 perhaps? Haha. Everything in your life and other lives around you is connected.

    I could see such a system being abused and heavily spammed, so their would have to be restrictions of course.

    It’s a good idea I think. Won’t surprise me if such a thing does happen sooner or later.

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