Globe-Wide Web

As I was sitting down in my comfy chair, writing yesterday’s Roadway-Wide Web post, I had a related thought…

What if instead of limiting the connectedness to the road, we were able to connect everyone to each other on a one-on-one basis?
Now, of course we wouldn’t want to replace plain old talking. But there are many things that we aren’t able to do efficiently and successfully with just plain talking, like instantly finding lost people in large crowds, giving visual directions to someone as they’re walking, and gathering groups of like-minded people instantly.
I see a future where people are able to just don a pair of computer-system-embedded glasses or sunglasses, and are instantly immersed much more deeply into the world around them.

I think perhaps this could even be used in a proximity basis–only receive and process signals from the people directly around you (a half mile or mile radius?). That way, there aren’t any need for servers or anything like that, just computer-to-computer connections (sunglasses-to-sunglasses), just like in the 80’s (am I right in saying that?)

Anyways, I hope one day this becomes a reality, and that the internet explodes out of our devices and actually immerses itself into our everyday lives, helping to bring us all together even further.

Picture source is here. Thanks,!
(Isn’t amazing?)



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