Lost Item Locator

As I was sitting in my room around a decade ago, annoyed at losing my transforming teenage mutant ninja turtle toy (which turned out to be indefinitely; I never found it) I had a thought…

As a young kid, I would always lose stuff. I even had a few really cool toys that I lost, one of them being my TTMNT toy. I felt like I really needed a locating system, like that in Glover, where you hold down a button, and it just points you in the direction of whatever you’re looking for.

I literally imagined a device like that one pictured, where you could flip a switch, and it’d show you an outline of what you’re looking for, so you’d never have to literally AIMLESSLY search for anything again.

Any that we have today like that is based on sound. I’d like a system like this, one that you could search for multiple items at once, and always know you’ve found everything you need.
Make lists! Need all the items for work in the morning? Select that list. Need all the items for school? Just select that list. Need some relaxing time? Select the list with the ipod, your headphones, your gameboy, and your snack stash.
You know exactly where everything is, and how to get to it.
This would probably be a godsend to messy people.

Original picture credit is here. Thanks, z.about.com!



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