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As I was searching for meme images on the internet about a few years ago, I had a thought…

What if you could search for images on the internet not just by text input, but by image input? Either you upload an image of something that looks similar to what you’re looking for, or you could draw in a drawpad area on the screen what the general look of the image is, and up pops the closest matches?

The latter is what I was thinking about when looking for images of “O RLY?” A couple years back. I wanted to see how many variations there were! But unfortunately, as opposed to today, where if you search for ORLY or O RLY on, you’ll find at least half of your results are of alterations of the original ORLY owl, back then, only a couple showed up, and most of those were just the original.

The problem is that the images WERE on the internet, but weren’t tagged correctly. Or maybe google hadn’t found them, which is another problem altogether. Assuming they just weren’t tagged correctly, if we had an IMAGE INPUT image seach, we wouldn’t need tags at all! (This is, of course, assuming we already know of the picture we’re looking for. If you want to “find pictures of pretty sunsets”; then yes, until this image input algorithm becomes AMAZINGLY intricate, precise and accurate, you’d still need tags for those kinds of searches)

Until we get such an image search, keep playing Google Image Labeler!



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8 Responses to “Image Input Image Search”

  1. chirax Says:

    Canon is working on the concept you described above. They want people to search images by other images.

  2. dailydaydreamer Says:

    Awesome! Link me?
    And do you know when they think their site will be online? I hope it turns out really well.

  3. Mike Says:

    search by image or sketch

  4. Ravibg Says:

    i got this idea recently…v had started a project on the same concept..reliability is an issue here..

  5. dreamcash forums Says:

    dreamcash forums…

    […]Image Input Image Search « Daily Thoughts of a Daydreamer[…]…

  6. Dan Moeller Says:

    just found this:

  7. Dan Moeller Says:

    Check that, Google Images now does this!!!

  8. Nayana Ingole Says:

    good technology……….

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