Belt Cupholder

About a month ago, after parking my car out about a block or so away from my house, carrying in a full drink of diet coke (I like it for the taste!) from my car to the house, my hand utlimately freezing in the process, and finally having to hold it in an unsafe fashion by the lid, I had a thought…

What if there was a belt attatchment that you could stick your cup in? I thought of putting my cup in my pocket, but that would just make the side of my leg extremely cold (and wet from the condensation). So I thought about a belt cupholder!

I then thought “oh, they probably made those, they’re probably like those 99 cent mini-recorders that can only record and play back one sound clip”, etc.
Well, they make really high-quality voice recorders, correct? Well, why can’t they make really high-quality other stuff? Just because a company sells “plastic crap” items for 99c, doesn’t mean the concept is necessarily bad, just the execution.

Now, know that I haven’t researched this at all yet. I have no idea if such a product exists. If it does, I just might buy it, assuming it’s of good quality.

Checking… search for “belt cupholder”: found something on the 5th page! How appropriate!
As the website says, the cup holder (the green one on the bottom row to the left) is a “paper cup holder – [it] fits the medium (16oz) paper cup shown on the right.”

Not an all-purpose belt cupholder, but we’re getting there.
Let me know if you find any others!



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