iTunes Music Tagger and Labeler

As I sit here trying to organize my digital life, realizing that I’ll have to eventually sit down and organize my entire iTunes collection, I had a thought…

Organizing my iTunes music is going to take a long, long time. most likely a few days, and that’s if I keep at it and stay motivated with no other distractions (read: work, school, eat, sleep). This is because I only have about 1/3 of it rated, and have a lot of duplicate songs and mislabeled song names, AND a lot of songs that are from albums called “the best of _____” (because iTunes album finder is stupid) or don’t have the album name at all.

I really…really wish there was a program that could do this for me. I don’t care how long it takes, but it would be VERY nice to have a program that labels my music correctly.
Of course I wouldn’t want it to rate my music. That would be my job after correct labeling is done, and being able to see all the correct information pop up on my iPod.

Obviously specifications for a project like this would have to be the entire music library in a database (sucks for people who like “underground music”), and the ability to read in music and recognize it just by the data that creates the music sounds. It would basically have to listen to music and recognize what’s being played, extremely accurately (and be able to distinguish between the original song and its remixes and covers, AND song mash-ups).
I doubt there’s anything like that today. Which means expect to hear me in about a week or two ecstatic about how I’ve finally, finally organized my iTunes all by myself.

OOH! Another thought! A fast-forward button to life! -_-
That would also come in handy after I order something on amazon and have to wait almost a week for it to come in the mail (i.e. my camera. Oy vey.)



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5 Responses to “iTunes Music Tagger and Labeler”

  1. Skylar Says:

    I have some good news for you. There are already a few programs that do this kind of thing. I myself have written one called itunes tagger. It includes a program provided by which will actually analyze the audio fingerprint of an mp3 and provide the most popular Name and Artist label for that particular mp3. It has worked quite well for me so far.

    The most popular one is MusicBrainz Picard, which also gets an audio fingerprint from a song and looks up it’s tag info.

  2. dailydaydreamer Says:

    Man, are you serious? That’s awesome!

    I just researched Picard, and it looks like it’s very album-oriented, which won’t work for me, since I usually recognize, buy, and have a lot of my music on a song-to-song basis; a very small amount of my iTunes music actually came from albums (I only have about 20).
    All this means it looks like I’m using your program instead =)

    By the way, I have created a account, but unfortunately since I’ve already cleared my itunes of play counts and ratings and all that, it’s going to be a little while before I connect my itunes to and trust it to actually know my likes and dislikes and all that.

    Thanks so much though! Another thing I’ll be spending my time with tonight (besides catching up with my blogging lol)

  3. Dwayne Charrington Says:

    Wow, I just read the post and then the comments and didn’t even know such programs existed. I’ve tried before, but I’ll look into better alternatives that will tag my iTunes music a bit better.

    I’m an audiophile and love my music to be properly tagged and categorised.

  4. Patrick Deep Says:

    Hi, you should try Jaikoz its work from the same database as Picard but its track orientated, its updates your itunes library with changes and also does lyrics and other stuff

  5. El Chicharito Hernandez Says:

    El Chicharito Hernandez…

    […]iTunes Music Tagger and Labeler « Daily Thoughts of a Daydreamer[…]…

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