Sound-Seeing Light-Hearing Aliens

As I was being driven somewhere (I don’t specifically remember where I first thought of this, but I think it was on the way to see the Christmas lights in our old neighborhood), I had a thought…

What if, were we to ever encounter an alien life form, their form of taking in the world around them was not based on light (as ours is), but on sound?

I’m not talking about echolocation, where there’s two big receptors for taking in sound, and the time it takes for sound to bounce off objects is measured and analyzed–I mean a system of sound reception similar to the way our eyes receive light–over 100 million receptors of SOUND, with a focusing system to focus an “image” of sound over a retina that registers different wavelengths of sound from every point in a range of “view”.
Of course, there would have to be a system that generates light, and I’m not necessarily sure how that could work biologically. But their light receptors would have to be like our sound receptors, a very generalized and basic system compared to our light receptors (eyes).

I just thought it was interesting; if you think about it, there isn’t that much different, intrinsically, between vibration through a medium of gas, and vibration of the electromagnetic spectrum (except that these beings wouldn’t be able to see in outer space…I just realized. Nor can they see stars or their own sun. haha)



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