iTunes for Images and Other Files

While I was starting up the process again of cleaning up my computer, realizing I’d have to create a folder system for all the files on my computer (including word, image, programs and PDF files), I had a thought…

What if there was an “iTunes” for images (not just photos, but images in general, anything ending in “.jpg” or “.gif”)?
What if there was an “iTunes” for user files of ALL types? (By user files, I mean anything directly accessible by users; photos downloaded from the internet, PowerPoint presentations of the business’s next big project, or word documents of the homework assignment that’s due tomorrow).

By this I mean a system that can helps you organize, rate, and aggregate (I think that’s my new word =P) files on your computer into one space.

I think something that could even be BETTER than this is this application not downloaded to your computer, but online, where you upload your files and files of unorganized MESS, and either have an auto-sort go through and organize everything into filetypes and lets you organize further, or gives you a intuitive interface to organize everything yourself, from one screen.

Maybe operating systems themselves will become closer to this in the future. Either that or we’ll move more towards cloud computing, where everything is stored online (like Google Docs–storing Microsoft Office-like files online, editing and sharing them instantly with anyone.)

Image source here.



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