Carpet Slippers

(Before I start, I again want to say that it feels annoying having to do so much stuff just to post a blog post on wordpress. I have to make a picture, do three tags and make an excerpt, start in my own copyrighted way, and sometimes even more, each time I make a post.
From now on, I’ll to a title and the post. That’s it. Unless I feel motivated to do more, I’m not going to do more. It makes me unmotivated to do anything if I force myself to do parts that I don’t want to do.
OK. Done.)

Back to the show!
Today after I took my shower, after I got in my bathrobe, I stopped right before the tile meets the carpet.
We just had new carpet installed and we don’t want to ruin it before we put the house on the market to move.
I did think ahead, though, and before I took my shower, I brought with me a pair of socks (what we HAVE to wear nowadays on the carpet). Unfortunately, this ultimately resulted in damp, uncomfortable socks that still might have damaged the carpet (Yes, I dried my feet, duh. lol)

That’s when I looked at the carpet glider (I think that’s what it’s called); the little strap of free carpet used to help keep the carpet right outside the bathroom from being wet, and I had a thought.

Why not cut that up and make slippers from that?

That way, not only is the carpet safe, but you get to have easy access to something that will protect the carpet from your feet without having to spend minutes on end putting it on.

AND you get to feel the carpet under your feet!

This should have been a standard years ago, in my opinion.



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