Human Time Capsule

Basically what would be really cool, in my opinion, would be a human time capsule that you could step into that would freeze time in the world around you while you did the work you needed to do (such as homework, taxes, whatever)–or just goof off or whatever when you have absolutely no time available to do so.

Let’s say you have a 15-page report on Nostradamus due in 20 minutes at college that you haven’t even begun. No problem, you step into the time capsule with your papers and books and promptly get to work.

Not even a minute later, you exit, having aged anywhere between a couple hours to a few days if you’re a real time waster–with your finished report in hand–and you still have plenty of time to get ready!

Now obviously, there’s a problem–you will age faster than the rest of the world. With enough uses of the machine, you’ll be perhaps years older than you should be. If it happened enough, you might start looking significantly older than your peers.

Would one call this wasting one’s life away? It’s hard to say–you’re getting work done and moving away more “real-world” time to spend with family, friends, etc. However, you’ll die at an earlier age.

Perhaps this isn’t so bad? If everyone were to use the device, everyone would decrease their “real-world” life span at the same average degree.

Of course, if you accidentally get locked in there…what happens when someone finally notices you’re gone? Assuming we’ve successfully *stopped time*, then a literal infinity should pass before someone discovers you. You will never be found, as time, for you, has stopped.

How does that even make sense?

Perhaps the world isn’t ready for something like this…but then again, we do have the Large Haddron Collider…


2 Responses to “Human Time Capsule”

  1. dearmansoor Says:

    I am really impressed by your ideas… Time travel is too rich an idea for a single life span.
    There are so many un-explored dimensions that fancy people’s mind.. we can only wish if we could achive it..

  2. coffee Says:

    I realy like your post. Your stories are great i just found this site today 2 11 2011 and i’m gunna read as much as i can. when i can. So if your still writen this post i cant wait to catch up seeing how its been some years sence you started,

    Thanks Coffee

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