Taste Dispenser

With today’s obesity epidemic, everyone is scrambling to find answers. However, It’s very obvious what the problem is. A person may like the taste of foods that are completely bad for xem (yes, XEM. A post on that next time), but there’s no way for xem to taste what they like without swallowing it and suffering the consequences of fat, bad choleserol, diabetes, and the like.

What I suggest is that we have an iTunes for tastes–an iTastes, perhaps. We download to a small device favorite tastes we may have (chocolate, fried chicken, beer) that we can pop in our mouths like a tic-tac. The device changes its outer surface area (with nanotechnology, of course) to the distinctive tastes downloaded at specified intervals (perhaps intervened with “mint” taste or “water”?)

This way, people can carry around with them their favorite tastes (just like they carry around with them their favorite sounds/music) and experience them whenever they like. *without* the adverse consequences.

A problem obviously emerges, however–what happens when they’re accidentally swallowed? After trying to think up an intricate way for the unit to successfully and safely navigate the internal digestion system, I then realized no one would EVER reach into the toilet for something they’d later put back in their mouth.


We’d need to make these disposable, just in case.


One Response to “Taste Dispenser”

  1. Zach Says:

    I saw an article about that before, they actually are *trying* to develop a device that does that.
    thought i’d let you know

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