I’m a constant daydreamer. I’m always thinking “What If this happened?” or “Why doesn’t this work?” or “What will the future be like?”

Instead of keeping these comments to myself, I’d like to share them with you, the internet, the cloud, to somehow perhaps better humanity.
I’d also like to do this so I don’t constantly keep forgetting what I thought about =P

The way this works is I’m going to remember the best thought I had each day, and log it in. The blog post may be small, or incredibly long, it depends on my mood, how much time I have, and how truly interesting my daily idea is.

If I do miss a post, I’ll write it as if I didn’t miss it a few days later, along with all the posts I’ve missed after that.
It’ll be pretty obvious if I’ve missed a post, if you look at the web address to my post, which shows the actual dates I post my blog entries.

Anyways, my hope is that lots of people come to my blog and perhaps subscribe to its RSS/atom feed(s), and leave comments. I’m someone that really needs to know that he’s being appreciated for his random work or he can lose interest.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy my brain drainings. Don’t touch that dial!


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