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iPod Vibration

October 4, 2008

(Before I start, I want to say Hi! And sorry I wasn’t updating for about two weeks. Had some stuff to do. Got it done. Now I’m ready to go for a long while. And no, it wasn’t my iTunes lol, seeing as I’m still in the process of getting that straightened out. Got some great progress though.)

A simple illustration of what iPod Vibration would be

As I was walking along a few days ago on a stroll, listening to my iPod and rating songs as I went, rocking out to a select few, I had a thought…

What if my iPod vibrated and (perhaps) imitated the drum beats in the songs I was currently listening to?

How awesome would that be? Not only would I hear my favorite songs, but I would FEEL them in the palm of my hand.

Knowing Apple and knowing how well they deal with pretty pictures and nice-sounding music, I’m sure that with this media-centered idea, they could go far with it.

It would start in iTunes, of course. Add iVibration data to each of my songs (or, if space was a factor, just my 4-5 or perhaps my 5-star rated songs; I’d have complete control over which songs got the vibration data of course.) After that, I’d just sync my new ViPod to my iTunes. Once I went around with my iPod, then, I’d be able to turn on/off vibration, and’d be able to feel my songs.

Simple. Easy.
Definitely possible.

One problems, though; Vibration can harm delicate technology, so there would have to be some serious iPod beefing before this could be implimented. Which wouldn’t be a serious problem, seeing as an entire new iPod needs to be designed before this could be a reality; there’s hardware needed, of course, not just software.

Apple…you listening? I got a knockout here.