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Truthifier/Truth Checker

October 5, 2008

As I was watching the political debates, and the talking head frenzy that ensued shortly after each one about “he said she said” and all that, I had a thought…

What if these debates were automatically truth-checked? I don’t mean a lie detecter, I mean a smart database of knowledge that could report instantly whenever someone was untruthful about a known fact.

Instead of having to research for hours on end or listen to some “expert” lead us on, we’d know straight from the database whenever something contradicting has been said.

This would work well with debates, in my opinion. The picture provided shows how that could work–instantly giving a link to go to whenever a politition gives a lie–showing the specific lie, the proof against it, showing that it’s a lie, and what in fact IS true, because as we all know, good lies usually have just a little bit of truth in them–that’s why they stick.

Perhaps we could also come out with variants–“Jerk-o-tron”, or “Intentiometer” (which, of course, measures intentions)

Anyways, I would really like to see something like this come out in the future, maybe at one point where the internet doesn’t seem to give off a vibe of a counter-culture, but actually part of our own culture.