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Thought Recorder

October 7, 2008

While I was trying to figure out a way to remind myself to do stuff, finally settling on sending messages to my email that are automatically sorted to a to-do folder, I had a thought…

What if you had a system where instead of having to whip out the phone/notepad to write a note down to remind yourself to do something, you had an implant that worked much more like a hard drive than your brain’s memory storage–exactly accurate even for very long-term storage?

This way, just by thinking about storing your thought into your hard drive implant, you’d do it–and just thinking about retrieving it, you’d do that too. You’d never forget important information like birthdays, anniversaries, passwords, and things you have to get done today. You’d never forget those hard-to-remember words. Tests would become obsolete, because you could store all the information you’d need on your hard drive (depending on the storage space–but I’m guessing at this point in our future, we’d be able to have trillion-terabyte drives or more, so that won’t be a problem)

Oh wow…I just thought of something. What if you could use this to wirelessly send information between you and another user with the hard drive?
You’d basically be using telepathy.

Wow. Arthur C. Clarke was absolutely right, wasn’t he, when he said that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”?



Eye Camera

October 6, 2008

As I was taking a walk a few days ago, I was stopped by a balloon floating through the air. I wanted to rush and get by camera out and take a picture of it, but unfortunately by the time I had readied the camera to take pictures, the balloon was too far away. I did manage to take a camera picture of it though, and while I did, I had a thought…:

I’m impressed with my digital camera, but I could have taken a MUCH better picture when it was closer if my EYES could snap shots.
If that was possible, the possibilities stemming from that could be endless. If someone were killed, we’d be able to know instantly after retrieving data from a brain who the killer was. Just by looking at a criminal, their complete visual identification is uploaded to the internet, to the police, and to the people in charge of capturing them. (Of course, that might lead to killers who try to destroy the data…)
Also, this could lead to more 1st-personality in the news and public awareness. In fact, if this technology were to advance further, and people could take video, or a step further, live streaming of the area around them, then we’d be able to build a virtual replica of our world that only updated if someone *stepped into* that area of the world.


On a side note, a few days ago, after watching videos such as this one:
I thought “Wow, the future really is here, isn’t it?”
Well, perhaps, the 1900’s future is…but the reality of their future creates yet ANOTHER future for us to look forward to–and from the idea of this eye camera, I can really see how this new future idea is beginning to take shape.