Taste Dispenser

October 11, 2008

With today’s obesity epidemic, everyone is scrambling to find answers. However, It’s very obvious what the problem is. A person may like the taste of foods that are completely bad for xem (yes, XEM. A post on that next time), but there’s no way for xem to taste what they like without swallowing it and suffering the consequences of fat, bad choleserol, diabetes, and the like.

What I suggest is that we have an iTunes for tastes–an iTastes, perhaps. We download to a small device favorite tastes we may have (chocolate, fried chicken, beer) that we can pop in our mouths like a tic-tac. The device changes its outer surface area (with nanotechnology, of course) to the distinctive tastes downloaded at specified intervals (perhaps intervened with “mint” taste or “water”?)

This way, people can carry around with them their favorite tastes (just like they carry around with them their favorite sounds/music) and experience them whenever they like. *without* the adverse consequences.

A problem obviously emerges, however–what happens when they’re accidentally swallowed? After trying to think up an intricate way for the unit to successfully and safely navigate the internal digestion system, I then realized no one would EVER reach into the toilet for something they’d later put back in their mouth.


We’d need to make these disposable, just in case.


Human Time Capsule

October 10, 2008

Basically what would be really cool, in my opinion, would be a human time capsule that you could step into that would freeze time in the world around you while you did the work you needed to do (such as homework, taxes, whatever)–or just goof off or whatever when you have absolutely no time available to do so.

Let’s say you have a 15-page report on Nostradamus due in 20 minutes at college that you haven’t even begun. No problem, you step into the time capsule with your papers and books and promptly get to work.

Not even a minute later, you exit, having aged anywhere between a couple hours to a few days if you’re a real time waster–with your finished report in hand–and you still have plenty of time to get ready!

Now obviously, there’s a problem–you will age faster than the rest of the world. With enough uses of the machine, you’ll be perhaps years older than you should be. If it happened enough, you might start looking significantly older than your peers.

Would one call this wasting one’s life away? It’s hard to say–you’re getting work done and moving away more “real-world” time to spend with family, friends, etc. However, you’ll die at an earlier age.

Perhaps this isn’t so bad? If everyone were to use the device, everyone would decrease their “real-world” life span at the same average degree.

Of course, if you accidentally get locked in there…what happens when someone finally notices you’re gone? Assuming we’ve successfully *stopped time*, then a literal infinity should pass before someone discovers you. You will never be found, as time, for you, has stopped.

How does that even make sense?

Perhaps the world isn’t ready for something like this…but then again, we do have the Large Haddron Collider…

Carpet Slippers

October 9, 2008

(Before I start, I again want to say that it feels annoying having to do so much stuff just to post a blog post on wordpress. I have to make a picture, do three tags and make an excerpt, start in my own copyrighted way, and sometimes even more, each time I make a post.
From now on, I’ll to a title and the post. That’s it. Unless I feel motivated to do more, I’m not going to do more. It makes me unmotivated to do anything if I force myself to do parts that I don’t want to do.
OK. Done.)

Back to the show!
Today after I took my shower, after I got in my bathrobe, I stopped right before the tile meets the carpet.
We just had new carpet installed and we don’t want to ruin it before we put the house on the market to move.
I did think ahead, though, and before I took my shower, I brought with me a pair of socks (what we HAVE to wear nowadays on the carpet). Unfortunately, this ultimately resulted in damp, uncomfortable socks that still might have damaged the carpet (Yes, I dried my feet, duh. lol)

That’s when I looked at the carpet glider (I think that’s what it’s called); the little strap of free carpet used to help keep the carpet right outside the bathroom from being wet, and I had a thought.

Why not cut that up and make slippers from that?

That way, not only is the carpet safe, but you get to have easy access to something that will protect the carpet from your feet without having to spend minutes on end putting it on.

AND you get to feel the carpet under your feet!

This should have been a standard years ago, in my opinion.


Floating Camera Buddy

October 8, 2008

A few years ago, back in high school, as I was sitting in class, wondering if any of my zits needed a little…well, attention…I had a thought…

What if one had a little discrete camera, able to navigate its way around one’s entire body, able to take quick snapshots of an unzipped zipper, or an untied shoelace, or even a stray hair in the back of one’s head? That way, you can always look your best, especially when going in for that important interview.

Now, this camera wouldn’t just be for self-grooming. It could be used in a variety of ways such as exploration of small cracks and caverns, repair checkups of dangerous or perilous areas, and, of course, military uses, if it was small and discrete enough.

So the next time someone tells you to “XYZ”, just remember that we’re inching closer and closer to a time where you’ll have known to do so far before a stranger does.


Thought Recorder

October 7, 2008

While I was trying to figure out a way to remind myself to do stuff, finally settling on sending messages to my email that are automatically sorted to a to-do folder, I had a thought…

What if you had a system where instead of having to whip out the phone/notepad to write a note down to remind yourself to do something, you had an implant that worked much more like a hard drive than your brain’s memory storage–exactly accurate even for very long-term storage?

This way, just by thinking about storing your thought into your hard drive implant, you’d do it–and just thinking about retrieving it, you’d do that too. You’d never forget important information like birthdays, anniversaries, passwords, and things you have to get done today. You’d never forget those hard-to-remember words. Tests would become obsolete, because you could store all the information you’d need on your hard drive (depending on the storage space–but I’m guessing at this point in our future, we’d be able to have trillion-terabyte drives or more, so that won’t be a problem)

Oh wow…I just thought of something. What if you could use this to wirelessly send information between you and another user with the hard drive?
You’d basically be using telepathy.

Wow. Arthur C. Clarke was absolutely right, wasn’t he, when he said that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”?


Eye Camera

October 6, 2008

As I was taking a walk a few days ago, I was stopped by a balloon floating through the air. I wanted to rush and get by camera out and take a picture of it, but unfortunately by the time I had readied the camera to take pictures, the balloon was too far away. I did manage to take a camera picture of it though, and while I did, I had a thought…:

I’m impressed with my digital camera, but I could have taken a MUCH better picture when it was closer if my EYES could snap shots.
If that was possible, the possibilities stemming from that could be endless. If someone were killed, we’d be able to know instantly after retrieving data from a brain who the killer was. Just by looking at a criminal, their complete visual identification is uploaded to the internet, to the police, and to the people in charge of capturing them. (Of course, that might lead to killers who try to destroy the data…)
Also, this could lead to more 1st-personality in the news and public awareness. In fact, if this technology were to advance further, and people could take video, or a step further, live streaming of the area around them, then we’d be able to build a virtual replica of our world that only updated if someone *stepped into* that area of the world.


On a side note, a few days ago, after watching videos such as this one:
I thought “Wow, the future really is here, isn’t it?”
Well, perhaps, the 1900’s future is…but the reality of their future creates yet ANOTHER future for us to look forward to–and from the idea of this eye camera, I can really see how this new future idea is beginning to take shape.


Truthifier/Truth Checker

October 5, 2008

As I was watching the political debates, and the talking head frenzy that ensued shortly after each one about “he said she said” and all that, I had a thought…

What if these debates were automatically truth-checked? I don’t mean a lie detecter, I mean a smart database of knowledge that could report instantly whenever someone was untruthful about a known fact.

Instead of having to research for hours on end or listen to some “expert” lead us on, we’d know straight from the database whenever something contradicting has been said.

This would work well with debates, in my opinion. The picture provided shows how that could work–instantly giving a link to go to whenever a politition gives a lie–showing the specific lie, the proof against it, showing that it’s a lie, and what in fact IS true, because as we all know, good lies usually have just a little bit of truth in them–that’s why they stick.

Perhaps we could also come out with variants–“Jerk-o-tron”, or “Intentiometer” (which, of course, measures intentions)

Anyways, I would really like to see something like this come out in the future, maybe at one point where the internet doesn’t seem to give off a vibe of a counter-culture, but actually part of our own culture.


iPod Vibration

October 4, 2008

(Before I start, I want to say Hi! And sorry I wasn’t updating for about two weeks. Had some stuff to do. Got it done. Now I’m ready to go for a long while. And no, it wasn’t my iTunes lol, seeing as I’m still in the process of getting that straightened out. Got some great progress though.)

A simple illustration of what iPod Vibration would be

As I was walking along a few days ago on a stroll, listening to my iPod and rating songs as I went, rocking out to a select few, I had a thought…

What if my iPod vibrated and (perhaps) imitated the drum beats in the songs I was currently listening to?

How awesome would that be? Not only would I hear my favorite songs, but I would FEEL them in the palm of my hand.

Knowing Apple and knowing how well they deal with pretty pictures and nice-sounding music, I’m sure that with this media-centered idea, they could go far with it.

It would start in iTunes, of course. Add iVibration data to each of my songs (or, if space was a factor, just my 4-5 or perhaps my 5-star rated songs; I’d have complete control over which songs got the vibration data of course.) After that, I’d just sync my new ViPod to my iTunes. Once I went around with my iPod, then, I’d be able to turn on/off vibration, and’d be able to feel my songs.

Simple. Easy.
Definitely possible.

One problems, though; Vibration can harm delicate technology, so there would have to be some serious iPod beefing before this could be implimented. Which wouldn’t be a serious problem, seeing as an entire new iPod needs to be designed before this could be a reality; there’s hardware needed, of course, not just software.

Apple…you listening? I got a knockout here.


iTunes for Images and Other Files

September 19, 2008

While I was starting up the process again of cleaning up my computer, realizing I’d have to create a folder system for all the files on my computer (including word, image, programs and PDF files), I had a thought…

What if there was an “iTunes” for images (not just photos, but images in general, anything ending in “.jpg” or “.gif”)?
What if there was an “iTunes” for user files of ALL types? (By user files, I mean anything directly accessible by users; photos downloaded from the internet, PowerPoint presentations of the business’s next big project, or word documents of the homework assignment that’s due tomorrow).

By this I mean a system that can helps you organize, rate, and aggregate (I think that’s my new word =P) files on your computer into one space.

I think something that could even be BETTER than this is this application not downloaded to your computer, but online, where you upload your files and files of unorganized MESS, and either have an auto-sort go through and organize everything into filetypes and lets you organize further, or gives you a intuitive interface to organize everything yourself, from one screen.

Maybe operating systems themselves will become closer to this in the future. Either that or we’ll move more towards cloud computing, where everything is stored online (like Google Docs–storing Microsoft Office-like files online, editing and sharing them instantly with anyone.)

Image source here.


Sound-Seeing Light-Hearing Aliens

September 18, 2008

As I was being driven somewhere (I don’t specifically remember where I first thought of this, but I think it was on the way to see the Christmas lights in our old neighborhood), I had a thought…

What if, were we to ever encounter an alien life form, their form of taking in the world around them was not based on light (as ours is), but on sound?

I’m not talking about echolocation, where there’s two big receptors for taking in sound, and the time it takes for sound to bounce off objects is measured and analyzed–I mean a system of sound reception similar to the way our eyes receive light–over 100 million receptors of SOUND, with a focusing system to focus an “image” of sound over a retina that registers different wavelengths of sound from every point in a range of “view”.
Of course, there would have to be a system that generates light, and I’m not necessarily sure how that could work biologically. But their light receptors would have to be like our sound receptors, a very generalized and basic system compared to our light receptors (eyes).

I just thought it was interesting; if you think about it, there isn’t that much different, intrinsically, between vibration through a medium of gas, and vibration of the electromagnetic spectrum (except that these beings wouldn’t be able to see in outer space…I just realized. Nor can they see stars or their own sun. haha)